September 1996

RAMology. By 1846, five years after he founded St. John's College at Fordham, with only seven priests to serve all of New York State, Archbishop John Hughes realized that the new college was consuming too many of his resources. Accordingly, the archbishop invited the Society of Jesus to assume control of the college he had established. After a series of letters between New York and Rome, 28 Jesuits from a mission in Kentucky arrived at Fordham, bringing a tradition of education marked by intellectual rigor and a belief in educating men and women "for others", that was already three centuries old. As you the alumni demonstrate, the Jesuit tradition has flourished on Rose Hill. At the University commencement, on May 18, 1996, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Jesuits' arrival at Rose Hill.

At the commencement, more than 3,600 graduates received their diplomas from the University's 10 undergraduate and graduate schools. Amidst the celebration, University President Rev. Joseph A. O'Hare, S.J. presented honorary degrees to Rev. Avery Dulles, S.J., the Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion and Society and world renowned theologian; Rev. William T. Hogan, SI., the director of the Industrial Economics Research Institute, who has been engaged in economic studies of the steel industry and other basic, heavy industries for more than 40 years; Denis Mclnerney '48, senior counsel at Cahill, Gordon & Reindel and a veteran of 40 years of litigation; Philip A. Pizzo, M.D. '66, physician-in-chief and chairman of the department of medicine at Boston Children's Hospital, the Thomas Morgan Rotch professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, the former chief of pediatrics at the National Cancer Institute and the head of the infectious disease section at the National Cancer Institute and professor of pediatrics at the Uniformed Services University for the Health Sciences.


In his address to the graduates, Fr. O'Hare noted that Fordham's identity implies a lively sense of Catholic community which enables it to make a more pertinent response to the needs of American society at this particular historical moment and that that very identity makes it necessary that other voices and competing views be allowed. "Fordham has kept faith with its Catholic heritage, but it also seeks to keep faith with the promise of its Catholic future. I urge you . . . to keep faith. 'Keep faith with your families who have invested so much in you and whose love and support are the most important currency in your lives. Keep faith with one another, because you have shared in these years together memories and friendships that should last a lifetime. Keep faith with the lessons that you have learned from moments of triumph and moments of tragedy. Keep faith with Fordham, even as past generations of Fordham men and women have kept faith with you. Keep faith with the Jesuit challenge to be men and women for others, with a passion for justice for the poor and the powerless. Above all, keep faith with the Lord who has fashioned you in His image and likeness and brought you to this radiant moment in your lives."


The Scholars. Rev. Joseph M. McShane, SI., the College Dean, advises that Julienne Gherardi '96, Adrian Vojvodic '96, Michael Hogan '96 and Catherine Sabatos '96 have won Fulbright Scholarships. Julienne, a Middle East Studies major, will study Arabic language and literature at the American University in Cairo. Catherine, a biology major, will complete a one-year master's degree in biochemistry as she focuses on research on auto-immune diseases with Dr. Donald Mason at Oxford University in England. Adrian will travel to South Korea, where he will live with a host family while he works as an intern to an English teaching assistant Michael will study the poetry of Yeats in Ireland. Joseph Woodring '98, a Global Outreach volunteer who is considering a career as a missionary doctor in Africa, won a Howard Hughes Research Fellowship which allows students with an interest in biological sciences to do laboratory work with professors and is conducting research at the University of Illinois. Jin Kim '97 won a Goldwater Scholarship for her work in the sciences and an Anderson Women in Chemistry Award. Joseph Kuliyev '96 won a Goldwater Scholarship for the study of mathematics. Christopher Stuart '96 received a New York Urban Fellowship. Catherine Quinn '96 is the national alternate for the 1995-96 St. Andrew Society Scholarship and intends to pursue studies at the University of Edinburgh. Janice Trinidad '98 won a National Science Foundation Scholarship and will conduct research at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Yessenia Guzman '96 won a National Hispanic Scholars Award. Maureen Grogan '97, a finalist for a Truman Fellowship from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, won a Clark Fellowship and will prepare for a career in the management of non-profit organizations. Erin Coyne '96 and Joseph Schon '96 won National Security Educational Program scholarships for study in Russia.


The Class of 1996 distinguished itself by academic accomplishment (one hundred members of the Class achieved the Dean's List and sixteen won prestigious fellowships), in attaining national recognition for its commitment to social service and in leading the first Fordham football team to defeat Holy Cross since 1930. TRADUFION welcomes the Class to the ranks of the alumni and invites the class to become involved in its alumni association. The Class of 2000. The College received a record number of applications for the Class of 2000 The average SAT scores for entering students is 1145 (Math 558; Verbal 587). Fifty-six percent of the class is female and forty-four percent is male. Eighty-one percent of the class will reside on campus and nineteen percent will commute. The Class includes four Presidential Scholars, three National Merit Scholars and seventy-five Dean Scholars. Applications to the College from the South, the Midwest, Nassau County on Long Island, Bergen County in New Jersey, the metropolitan Philadelphia area and Fairfield County in Connecticut have increased dramatically.


The Admissions Office invites children, grandchildren and friends of alumni to Open Houses on Saturday, November 9 (Lincoln Center) and Sunday, November 10 Rose Hill), 1996. Contact Patrick Canedo (718-8174O()()) of the Admissions Office for details.


Director of Admissions John Buckley invites alumni nationwide to share the value of their Fordham experience with talented high school students who have an interest in attending Fordham. Contact John Buckley (718-8174000) of the Fordham Alumni Student Team for information.


Minister of Religious Matters Nick O'Neill '55 reminds us that the thirteenth annual retreat weekend will be held at Mount Manresa and St. Ignatius Retreat Houses in March 1997. Contact the Office of Alumni Relations (212-636-6520) for details.


The Gannon Lecture. At last semester's Gannon Lecture, molecular geneticist Josua Lederberg, a Nobel laureate and the president emeritus and University Professor of Molecular Genetics at Rockefeller University, spoke on the past, present and future of infectious diseases to a packed house in the McGinley Center ballroom. Dr. Lederberg's present studies involve DNA mutation of bacteria. He explained that new medical technology and widespread immunization developed in the 1960s fostered a false sense of security in the American public and prompted the medical establishment to feel it had won the war on infectious disease. "Infection is in fact coming back," Lederberg said. "It will never end. There will always be microbes. We hope there will also always be humans. But it will be a perpetual Darwinian struggle." The problem is not only that these "bugs" outnumber humans (there can be more disease-causing microbes in one test tube than there are people on the planet), but they also replicate and mutate much faster than humans do. Thus, a virus will mutate as soon as a vaccine is developed against it. In contrast, human beings must wait generations to develop genetic immunity to disease. But, Dr. Lederberg noted, the biggest problem is the sheer size of the world's population and its propensity to travel, bringing new and emerging diseases across international borders. Only a massive public health policy on a worldwide scale aimed at protection against microbial invaders will stem the tide of emerging disease.


The Faculty. Eva E. Sandis, professor of sociology, presented "The United Nations - problems of immigrants and refugees Parantap Basu, associate professor of economics, presented the paper "Real and Monetary Determinants of Income Velocity in the US:

Evidence from a VAR Model," at the 1996 Academy of Business Administration National Conference in Miami Nancy A. Busch, professor of psychology, chaired "Hispanic child development Elizabeth Johnson, C.S.J., professor of theology and the author of She Who Is: The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse, published "Does God Play Dice? Divine Providence and Chance Dominick Salvatore, professor of economics and department chair, presented "A Two-Sector, Two-Goods Model of Growth and Migration, and the Gini Coefficient" at annual meetings of the German Economic Association, at the University of Lunenburg. . . . Rev. Joseph T. Lienhard, SJ., professor of Theology, published The Bible. the Church. and Authority: The Canon of the Christian Bible in History and Theology..


Fr. McShane advises that henceforth Fordham College students will be allowed to minor in business administration, and College of Business Administration students will be allowed to minor in a liberal arts discipline.


The ties that knot. Assuming the role of haberdasher, Fr. McShane advises that the University bookstore now offers for sale all-silk University ties, which Fr. McShane designed, in two color choices - maroon with a gold seal or navy with a red seal. As winter weather approaches, the bookstore also offers University scarves which are maroon in color with white and black stripes which Fr. McShane also designed.


The Class Rep System. To volunteer as a class representative, organizing social functions and keeping members of your class in contact with alma mater and each other, contact the alumni association in care of TRADITION.


Barrett McGurn '35 advises that the Fordham Club of Washington D.C. presented the club's annual Brien McMahon award for distinguished public service to Sandra Day O'Connor, a Justice of the United States Supreme Court The McMahon award is named for Brien McMahon, the United States Senator from the State of Connecticut who was an early advocate of civilian control of atomic energy. In accepting the award, Justice O'Connor praised Fordham for "its focus on values, something so important and so often lacking in present day education."


Demographics. According to statistics published in The RAM, in 1995, Fordham University had a minority population of 24.19% (Hispanics comprised 14.66% of all Fordham students, African-Americans 5.43%, Asians 3.99% and native Americans less than 1%). Since, according to THE RAM Caucasians comprised 73.32% of the student population, on behalf of all alumni, TRADITION demands to know which population(s) comprised the remaining 2.6% of the student body.


In anticipation of this holiday season, those who doubt the conspiratorial nature of the Jesuit character or the Society's influence on western civilization should be aware that Brillat-Savarin, the great 18th-century French gourmet, contended that the Society conspired even to displace the traditional goose as the bird of choice at European holiday meals. According to Brillat-Savarin, the Jesuits introduced the turkey to Europe from North America and raised "a large number of them, particularly in a farm they owned around Bourges. . . . This is why the colloquial name for a turkey is still jesuite in many places."


The Fordham University Concert Choir and Liturgical Choir, under the direction of Robert A. Minotti, together with The Bronx Arts Ensemble, will perform its annual Christmas Concert on Sunday, December 8, 1996 at 3:00 p.m. at the University Church on the Rose Hill campus. All friends of Fordham are invited to attend. The Graduate Manager of Athletics. John Francis Coffey '10 was one of Fordham '5 athletic greats on the diamond and on the gridiron. On graduation from Rose Hill in 1910, Jack began a professional career on the diamond that saw service on a dozen teams in eight leagues. But, in 1922, Jack returned to Rose Hill to coach baseball at his alma mater. Jack knew the game extremely well, and knew even better how to teach it to young men. During his thirty-three years as the Ram's baseball coach, Fordham won five eastern and fourteen metropolitan championships. Jack was a tactful, cultured man who traveled widely and, with a background of Latin and Greek, conversed fluently in French, Spanish, German and Italian. He wrote a sports column, in French, for "Fordham France." What intrigued everyone, however, was Jack's phenomenal memory which retained not only names, faces, figures, records and foreign words, but also the birthdays of more than three thousand people. If it was the 12th of October and Jack met Ed Gilleran, Sr. somewhere on the campus, it was automatic that Jack would say, "Happy Birthday Young Fella" That act could be repeated dozens of times a day. But, it was in public relations that Jack excelled. As Graduate Manager of Athletics at Fordham, from 1926 to 1958, and as Graduate Manager Emeritus from 1958 until his death in 1966, Jack was a national sports figure. Big things happened to Fordham football with Jack at the helm. There were big coaches, big crowds, big games, and within ten years, two major bowl games - - the Cotton and the Sugar Bowls. This personable Christian gentleman established a rapport with university athletic directors all over America. As a result, during the 1930's and early 1940's, Fordham football fans were treated to visits from such notables as Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Pitt, Purdue, Southern Methodist, Texas Christian, South Carolina, North Carolina, Vanderbilt, Indiana, Rice, Tulane, LSU, Arkansas, West Virginia, St. Mary's, Michigan State and Oregon State. It is fitting that the athletic field on which Fordham's football and baseball teams play today is named .,."Jack Coffey Field."


The Sports Page. Claudine Kelly '96, Toni Fields '96 and Jeanne Dougherty '96 earned All-East honors on the woman's cross-country team. . . . Coach Steve Potsklan's Fordham swim team trained in Barbados at mid-semester break. . . . Paul Delo won both the 1-meter and 3-meter dives at the Atlantic 10 Championships. . . . Barry Cantrell '98, a punter on the football team, has established the new Fordham high jump record at 7 feet 1 3/4 inches and won the indoor and outdoor IC4A high jump championship. . . . For his first major league home run, Ray Montgomery '91 of the Houston Astros pinch hit a two run home run in the bottom of the tenth inning to beat the San Diego Padres on July 24, 1996.... In crew news, the woman's varsity open four (Victoria Vendemia '97, Chrissy Idiart '96, Sara Steed '96, Samantha Smith '99 and Christine Sereni '99 ) was undefeated in its regular season. The men's varsity lightweight four (Jennipher Beesley '97, Michael Lemke '96, Terrence Gorman '98, Patrick McMenamin '99 and Mark Gibbons '96) was undefeated in the regular season and in the post season and finished as Atlantic-10 and Dad Vail champions. . . . Mike Marchiano '97 belted fourteen home runs this baseball season to set a new baseball Ram record. . . Fordham footballer Carl Barbera '97 was selected as the pre-season Patriot League Defensive Player of the Year by the league's coaches, as a Sports Network pre-season All-America candidate and as a second team All-America by Don Hansen's Weekly Football Gazette.


Bring the Kids to the Games. Coach Nick Quartero's Fordham footballers will play home games against the University of Maine on 9/7196 (Fan Appreciation Day) at 1:00 pm., Columbia University on 9/28/96 (Family Weekend) at 1:00 p.m., Lafayette College on 10112/96 homecoming) at 1:00 p.m., Georgetown University on 10/26/96 (Football Alumni Day) at 1:00 p.m., The College of the Holy Cross on 11/2,196 at 12:30 p.m. and Colgate University on 1119/96 (Senior Appreciation Day) at 12:30 p.m. The footballers will play at Lehigh University on 9/14/96 at 1:00 pm., Villanova University on 9/21/96 at 1:00 p.m., at Dartmouth College on 10/5/96 at 1:00 p.m., at Brown University on 10/19/96 at 1:00 p.m. and at Bucknell University on 11/16/96 at 12:30 p.m. Homecoming Weekend will include a dinner at the New York Athletic Club on Thursday, October 10, 1996; a cocktail party at The Princeton Club in Manhattan on Friday, October 11, 1996; football excitement when the Rams make the Leopards of Lafayette College change their spots on Jack Coffey Field on the Rose Hill Campus on Saturday, October 12, 1996 and a celebration for friends and family before and after the game. Contact the Office of Alumni Relations (1-800-315-ALUM ext. 6520) for details.


Reader Charles J. Flono '40 remembers that Lambert Jewelers once donated a football trophy to the Eastern College or University whose team was highest ranked. In 1936, Fordham ranked first in all the Eastern football polls. For display purposes Fordham loaned Lambert a complete uniform and large school banner. As the banner was needed to fly above Yankee Stadium for the annual Thanksgiving Day game against New York University, Pat Kenneally commissioned Charles, who was the student manager of the football team, to take the banner from Lambert to the stadium and to return it after the game. Charles brought the banner to the stadium on time but the return trip was painful, even shattering, as the Violets upset the Rams 7 to 6.... Edgar Debany '36 and Tom Hubert '36 advise that their class has established a new Rose Hill tradition. The Class of 1936 has planted trees along Diamond Jubilee Walk which leads from the new University library to Elm Road. They hope that other classes add to the tradition of planting on Rose Hill.


Jack Clary '54 advises that, when travelling in Annapolis, Maryland, alumni should be sure to drop in for dinner and some adult beverage at the Rams Head Inn, located next door to the FORDHAM BREWING CO., a brewer of fine lagers. Established in 1703 by Benjamin Fordham, the Fordham lagers will slake the thirsts of merchants, politicians, craftsmen, sailors and alumni.


Coach Kevin Morris tentatively advises that the women's basketball team will play at home against Manhattan on 11/26/96, against Louisiana State on 11/29/96, against Fairfield on 12/2/96, against lona on 12/4/96, against St. Francis (NY) on 12/19/96, against Massachusetts on 1/9/97, against Rhode Island on 1/11/97, against St. Bonaventure on 1/21/97, against Dayton on 1/23/97, against La Salle on 1/30/97, against George Washington on 2/8/97, against Temple on 2/20/97 and against St. Joseph's on 2/22/97. The Atlantic 10 Women's Tournament will be held from 2/25/97 to 3/3/97. Coach Nick Macarchuk tentatively advises that the men's basketball team will play at home against Holy Cross on 11/30/96, against Florida International on 12/3/96, against lona on 12/8/96, against Hofstra on 12/22/96, against Fairfield on 1/8/97, against Xavier on 1/11/97, against Temple on 1/23/97, against St. Bonaventure on 1/29/97, against Duquesne on 2/1/97, against Massachusetts on 2/3/97, against Virginia Tech on 2/8/97, against St. Joseph's on 2/16/97 and against Rhode Island on 3/1/97. The men's team will play in The Meadowlands against Seton Hall on 12/6/96 and at Madison Square Garden against Massachusetts on 2/3/97. The Atlantic 10 Men's Tournament will be held at the Spectrum in Philadelphia from 3/5/97 to 3/8/97.


Coach Bob Hawthorn '53 advises that the annual Vincent C. Hopkins, S.J. Tennis and Squash Tournament will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 5, 1996 on Rose Hill. Contact Coach Hawthorn (718-8174300) for details concerning the tournament

White smoke rises! With regret, TRADITION accepts the resignation of Catherine McGuinness '83 as president of the alumni association and thanks Cathy for her efforts on our behalf. With anticipation, TRADITION notes that, in an arrangement based loosely on the Roman model of co-counsels, Ray O'Rourke '77 and John McCarthy '88 have assumed the positions of president and president-elect of your alumni association.


RAMembrances. Edward Welch '48 recalls that, in 1940, Rev. Robert I. Gannon, S.J., then Fordham's president, invited Wendell WilIkie, the Republican presidential candidate in that year, as his guest in the President's box for the Fordham-St. Mary's football game at the Polo Grounds. Analysts viewed Wilkie's acceptance of the invitation as an appeal for the Catholic vote, and Willkie's presence at the game created a political controversy. In response, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt invited himself to Fordham to "inspect" the ROTC. Welcoming President Roosevelt to the campus, Fr. Gannon recalled that, during the Battle of White Plains, George Washington had once rested his head upon a rock, still on the campus. Fr. Gannon also recalled that Nicholas Roosevelt Bayley, a forbearer of the president, had served as president of Fordham in the 1840's. Fr. Gannon further recalled that the "grandest of all the Roosevelts," the president's mother Sara Delano Roosevelt, had visited the campus previously and had been offered a glass of sherry, which she politely declined. Furthermore, Gannon stated, diplomatically, that the president's administration had altered our nation's course irreversibly and that nothing was as it had been before the president took office or ever would be again. President Roosevelt, a consummate politician, stepped to the podium, addressed Fr. Gannon as "Reverend Rector" Fr. Gannon was not the rector), talked of "mustering troops," thanked Fr. Gannon for his kind remarks, said he was proud of his ancestor's association with Fordham and assured Fr. Gannon that he would gladly accept a glass of sherry, if only the "Reverend Rector" would not ask him to rest his head upon the rock that Washington had used. A roar of laughter engulfed the campus, and Ed had experienced "a-never-to-be-forgotten occasion, one of many marvelous, imperishable memories a Fordham alumnus, even a Roosevelt opponent (such as Ed), treasures for a lifetime."


Mark this date in maroon! Chairmen Michael Mullarney '68 and Steve DeGroat '72 announce that the annual Fordham Golf Classic at Winged Foot Country Club in Mamaroneck, New York will be held on Monday, September 30, 1996. A limited number of reservations and sponsorships are still available. Contact Julio Diaz of the Department of Athletics (718-8174306) for details.


Rugby players with clubs? Jerry Breslin advises that the annual golf tournament of the Fordham rugby team will be held on Monday, September 16, 1996 at the Hackensack Country Club. Contact Nadia Oliveri at 201-343-5678 for details.


In response to an article in the February 1996 issue of this publication, Margaret Mitchell of the Manhattan College Class of 1989 writes: "I am quite confident that the section entitled 'Another Truth?' is the correct rendition of the events surrounding the alleged disappearance of the Fordham goat. Your examples of the 'men' of Rose Hill gallantly dyeing wayward Manhattan students maroon and burning an 'F' into God's green Earth do nothing to bolster the purported 'superior character' of the Fordham student. Regarding your smears as to the lack of a 'Jasper' to abduct, I am compelled to remind you that the Reverend Brother Jasper was not only the highly acclaimed Director of Athletics at Manhattan College at the turn of this century but was also responsible for introducing baseball's seventh-inning stretch for which I am sure you are thankful. A silly animal running around at basketball games, befouling the court, could not possibly do justice to the great Jasper." . . . In reply to Ms. Mitchell, Chris LeBris '68 remembers how to protect Rameses from abduction, keeper Jerry Mack '68 harbored the ram in his parents' home in Flushing, Queens, and Carroll Mack, Jerry's mother, walked Rameses on a leash for exercise and for other purposes.


In a blatant attempt to increase his power base across state lines, Bill Burke '65, the president of the Northern New Jersey Club has invited Rockland County, New York alumni to join the Northern New Jersey Club. To discuss his motives and the Northern New Jersey alumni's plan to meet on Rose Hill on October 26, 1996 at the Georgetown football game, contact Bill at (201) 694-6273.


Fordham students can help you as business interns during the school year and summer vacation or as they begin their careers upon graduation from Rose Hill. Contact Greg Pappas of the Career Planning and Placement Center (718-8174360) to learn how you can hire one of Fordham's best


TRADITION: Minister of Propaganda: George P. McKeegan '69; Contributing Editors: William 3. Healy '30, William H. Power, Jr.'33, Barrett McGurn '35, Francis X. Holbrook, Ph.D. '49, Edward J. Buckley '81 and Elizabeth B. Kane '90.