September 1989

A Quiet Man, who never proclaims his talents, former Board V.P. George McKeegan '69 doesn't have to, they speak for themselves. A litigator (Michigan Law School) at a Manhattan law firm, which bears his name, McKeegan, the retiring "Editor-in-Chief" of TRADITION, Briarcliff Manor youth soccer coach and CCD teacher, is a mix of the best of Fordham. Solid and substantial, he amazes with a dead-on observer's wit; you're never quite sure if you're being treated to irony with a sincere spin or the musings of a disingenuous quipster. On the road to current wedded (Barbara is an alumna) and paternal (David, Catherine, Elizabeth and Kristen regularly attend alumni events) joys, George forged lifelong friendships at Rose Hill at the height of the turbulent sixties. His sense of conscience was formed not so much by the Era of Peace and Love, but through a lasting exposure to the influence of his Ulster-born parents and the Jesuit tradition.

Ramology. Named for a male saint who was not even a Jesuit, Thomas More College, an all-women's liberal arts college distinct from Fordham College, admitted its first students in September 1964. According to Robert Gannon, S.J. in Up to the Present, the men (principally those in black cassocks?) felt invaded and the women neglected by the opening of TMC: "Every daughter has been taught by an experienced mother to hide her I.Q. until after the wedding, but in college it is on display most of the time and the average intellectual superiority of the co-ed militates against romance or even ordinary dates." However, romance between the institutions blossomed when the two colleges became as one. TMC degrees were last conferred in 1976.

This May, at the 144th Commencement on the Rose Hill Campus, University President Rev. Joseph O'Hare, S.J. presented honorary degrees to Rev. Timothy Healy, S.J. '59, president of Georgetown University and newly appointed president of the New York Public Library; the Most Reverend Patrick Ahern, D.D., the vicar of Staten Island; Francis Arthur Lord Cockfield, formerly an official of the Commission of European Communities; Clara Hale, the founder of a residential facility in Harlem that cares for children born with congenital drug dependency and reunites the children with their mothers after the mothers have undergone drug rehabilitation; and Lewis Rudin, the president of a real estate construction and development firm and the founder of the Association for a Better New York.

Please send TRADITION your nominations for honorary degree recipients for the 1990 Commencement.




The Faculty. John Boyd, S.J., professor of English, delivered a paper, "The Paschal Action in Eliot's Four Quartets", at the Eliot Centennial Symposium in Pittsburgh . . . . Robert Lewis, professor of mathematics, was awarded a National Science Foundation grant for undergraduate research . . . . Joseph O'Callaghan, professor of history and director of the Center for Medieval Studies, has written a book titled "The Cortes of Castile - Leon, 1188-1350." . . . Mary Hamilton, associate professor of chemistry, is researching "Carbohydrate Residue in Mollusks."

In cursu honorum. Begun in 1939 but interrupted by the war years, the Honors Program was firmly established in 1950 under the direction of Thurston Davis, S.J., the College Dean. While the Honors Program has contributed many Rhodes, Marshalls, Danforths and Wilsons to Fordham, some of the older Jesuits have said that it has distracted interest from extracurricular activities, such as the publications, drama, and debate. But, what is the harm if intellectual talent is distracted by intellectualism?

"Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary . . . Happy Anniversary!" TRADITION congratulates The Bronx, the motherland of our beloved Rose Hill, on its three hundredth anniversary as a political entity.

Approximately 500 students on the Rose Hill Campus currently participate in volunteer activity for programs such as Big Brother/Big Sister, programs to feed the homeless and a therapeutic counseling and recreational program in The Bronx.

Rumor has it that the schools which have contributed the greatest number of baseball players to the major leagues are Southern Cal, Arizona State, Holy Cross, and Fordham. The majority of Fordham's major leaguers are said to have played before the turn of the twentieth century. Roy Smith, a right-handed starter for the Minnesota Twins, and Peter Harnisch, a right-handed starter for the Baltimore Orioles, were Fordham's representatives in the big leagues during the 1989 season.

As you enjoy football broadcasts in this television's fiftieth anniversary year, remember that the first football game televised was the contest between Fordham and Waynesburg of Pennsylvania in 1939. Fordham won the game 34-7.

Homecoming will be celebrated on November 11, 1989 against C.W. Post. The Varsity Football Rams are 645, 288 and 50 (.691) entering this season.

Miss Fordham? From 1941 to 1974, thirty-three co-eds reigned as "Miss Fordham," the University's Homecoming Queen. Each Miss Fordham was more beautiful than the others, and the twenty-sixth Miss Fordham was the daughter of the first. With the advent of the women's movement, the contest declined in popularity and was discontinued. In place of Miss Fordham, a King and Queen now reign at Homecoming.

On a More Sober Note, to allow its friends, guests, students and alumni to better enjoy themselves at University functions, Fordham has prohibited alcoholic beverages at home football games.


University President Rev. Joseph O'Hare, S.J. is chairman of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities and recently attended a week-long conference in Rome to develop an apostolic constitution on Catholic higher education.

The Third Generation: the Reisses. Paul Julian Reiss '79 advises that eleven members of his family have attended Rose Hill. Our correspondent's grandfather, Julian Reiss '19, a founder of The Ram and treasurer of his class, was voted "most handsome" by his Fordham College classmates. Julian's son, Paul '54, and Paul's wife, Rosemary '66, earned degrees from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Paul later served Fordham as a member of the faculty and as the University's executive vice-president; he is currently the president of St. Michael's College in Vermont. Eight of Paul and Rosemary's children have attended Fordham College: Catherine (Sloane) '78, Paul Julian '79 (our correspondent), Gregory '80, Mark '82, Julia (DeSantis) '83, David '85, Steven '88 and Martha '91; their youngest child, John, is enrolled in the Class of 2001.

Ram Roots: An Update. Allan Gilbert, assistant professor of anthropology, is continuing the excavation of Rose Hill Manor. He has unearthed two portions of the original manor house and retrieved artifacts that provide valuable information about the manor's ownership and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. Archival research by Roger Wines '54, professor of history, has shown that the original owner of the manor was not Benjamin Corsa, as had been traditionally thought, but a Dutchman named Reyer Michaelson. Corsa married Michaelson's daughter and was deeded the house and land in 1736. In 1787 the property was bought by Robert Watts, a wealthy New York merchant of Scottish descent. Watts named the estate Rose Hill after his family's ancestral home. Bishop John Hughes purchased Rose Hill in 1839 as the future site of Fordham's forerunner, St. John's College.

Wiseguy. Vinnie Terranova (actor Ken Wahl), the main character of CBS's critically acclaimed weekly dramatic series "Wiseguy" is a Fordham grad and frequently proclaims his allegiance to his alma mater on the air. To TRADITION's knowledge, Vinnie is the only T.V. character who claims a college diploma from a specific school (Harvard-educated "Reverend Jim" Ignakowski of "Taxi" having dropped out before receiving a degree). TRADITION urges its readers to write Mr. Wahl and David Burke, the supervising producer of the series, c/o CBS, Inc., 52 West 51st Street in Manhattan, to learn Vinnie's major, year of graduation and other pertinent details of his on-campus experience.

On behalf of the alumni, TRADITION thanks the following persons who served as geographical chapter leaders this past year: Albany - James Boyle '61; Baltimore - Thomas Deliberto '67; Boston - Richard Reilly '67; Buffalo - Paul Smaldone '64; Chicago - William O'Brien '74; Cleveland - Michael Dowell '63, Barbara Harrison '76; Colorado - Ernest Ficco '51, Maria Seid '76; Dallas - Kevin Good '69; Georgia - Edward Bauer '65, James Buckman '66; Hartford - Kevin Budds '73; Houston - Kevin O'Brien '64; Long Island - Joseph Ingersoll '59; Milwaukee - Robert Cronin '65; Northern California - H. Thomas Smullen '54, Joseph Wagda '65, Frank Zampino '49; Northern New Jersey - William Burke '65; Palm Beach - Walter Clayton '34; Philadelphia - Anthony Garbowski '68, Patrick Donohue '60; Puerto Rico - Jose Cartagena '68; Rhode Island - Joseph Dabek '68; Sarasota/Manatee - John Lyons '51; San Diego - Victor Frazao '70; South Flordia - Julia Winters '53; Southern California - Angelo Mozilo '60, Michael Grzanka '69; Syracuse - Ted Sondej '68; and Washington, D.C. - James Harkins '61.

The Honorable Daniel J. O'Hern '51, the recipient of the 1989 Alumni Achievement Award, is a personification of the Ignatian ideal of "service to others." A Harvard Law grad, Dan served his country in the Navy during the Korean War and served Red Bank, New Jersey, his hometown, as a councilman and as mayor. He was the Garden State's Commissioner of Environmental Protection and counsel to the Governor until his appointment to the State's highest appellate court in May 1981. O'Hern is a devoted husband to Barbara, his bride of 30 years, and the father of five children.

Tennis Everyone ?!? Get into the swing of things at the first-ever Rose Hill Tennis Open on Sunday, September 24, 1989. Plans include morning Mass, a fun-filled day of singles and doubles round robin matches, and an enjoyable repast. All members of the Fordham family are invited to participate. For details, contact Ed Buckley of Alumni House at 212-841-5340.

Jubilee've this? On June 8, 9 and 10, 1990 the Classes of '85, '80, '75, '70, '65, '60, '55, '50, '45 and '40 will celebrate their reunions at Jubilee Weekend. If you wish to help plan your class' reunion, contact Tom Mauriello of the Development Office at (212) 841-5640. Pursuant to established University procedure, those persons who do not attend their class' reunion, will receive an increased volume of mail from the Development Office over the next five-year period.

The Sesquicentennial. Among the events planned from September 1990 to September 1991, during the celebration of Fordham's 150th Anniversary, is a 450th Birthday Party for the Society of Jesus which was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1541, 300 years before Fordham's founding. Birthday hats and cake will be provided at the September 1990 event; however, celebrants are requested to bring their own noisemakers and party games.

Bring the Kids to the Games. The Men's Varsity Basketball Rams at 1197 and 856 enjoy the 17th winnigest record of all time among the 286 NCAA Division I teams. Watch Coach Nick Macarchuk's roundballers in the Rose Hill Gym on December 9, 1989 v. Holy Cross, on January 27, 1990 (Winter Homecoming) v. LaSalle and on February 25, 1990 v. Niagara and at Madison Square Garden on February 15, 1990 v. Georgia Tech.


TRADITION: Editor-in-Chief (ret.): George P. McKeegan '69; Night-Desk Editor (ret.): Ronald G. Musto '69; Arts & Entertainment Editor: Anne E. Bowen '80